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Welcome to Judes Family – Now offering a 100-day trial period for diapering Welcome to Judes Family – Now offering a 100-day trial period for diapering
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Discover Cloth Diapers Anew: The Advantages of a Diaper Trial Pack

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Welcome to the world of sustainability and mindfulness! We live in a time when it's important to take care of our planet and its resources. One simple yet effective way to contribute is by switching to cloth diapers. This option is not only more environmentally friendly but is also kinder to your little miracle's skin. Unsure if cloth diapers are the right choice for you and your baby? No problem! Our diaper sample pack gives you the opportunity to try them out risk-free and see for yourself how easy the transition can be. Step into the world of cloth diapers and start your sustainable adventure.

Is a diaper sample pack worthwhile? Yes, a diaper sample pack definitely makes sense. It allows you to test out different types and brands of cloth diapers risk-free before making a larger investment. It also helps you to find the best fit, most comfortable material, and most practical closure for both your baby and you.

The World of Cloth Diapers: What to Expect

Becoming a mother or father for the first time can be overwhelming with the sheer number of decisions you need to make for your newborn. One of the first and most important choices involves your baby's diapers. Disposable diapers or cloth diapers? We would like to introduce you to a genuine alternative to the traditional disposable diaper: The Cloth Diaper.

Cloth diapers have made a real comeback in recent years, and for good reason! They are reusable, save money and, above all, environmentally friendly. Another important advantage is that they contain no chemicals that could irritate your baby's sensitive skin.

But perhaps you have concerns? Maybe you think cloth diapers are hard to manage, or not as effective as disposables? We understand your worries and are here to dispel them. With our diaper sample pack, you can experience the advantages of cloth diapers firsthand and convince yourself of their practicality and efficiency. Let's delve together into the world of cloth diapers.


Diaper Sample Pack: Is It Worthwhile?

We understand that switching to cloth diapers is a big decision. That's why we offer a simple, risk-free way to test them out: Our Sample Set.

It's a cost-effective way to get to know cloth diapers. Instead of spending a larger sum for a complete set, you can test out various options with sample packs before investing. You can check the fit, test out the absorbency, and figure out how easy they are to wash and maintain.

But most importantly, with a sample pack, you have the opportunity to find out whether cloth diapers are the right choice for you and your baby. Because in the end, only one thing matters: your child's well-being and your peace of mind. Our diaper sample pack offers you this chance.

Switching to Cloth Diapers: It Can Be Easy

Making the switch to cloth diapers might seem daunting at first, but we assure you, it is easier than you think! Cloth diapers are no longer the foldable fabrics of the past. Modern cloth diapers are as easy to put on as disposables but offer all the additional benefits of sustainability and skin-friendliness.

Handling cloth diapers today is simple and straightforward. You can choose from various models that differ in fit, design, and closure mechanism. Whether Velcro or snap buttons – you decide what suits you and your baby best.

But how do you wash cloth diapers? That too is easier than you might think. Most cloth diapers can simply be washed in the washing machine. And with our special detergents and tips for stain removal, keeping your cloth diapers clean remains a breeze.

The diaper sample pack is your first step into the world of cloth diapers. It gives you an initial insight into cloth diapering. Over time, you will figure out which diapers you prefer and make you feel most comfortable. And the best part is that with every diaper you reuse, you are making a small contribution to a more sustainable and healthier world.

With Judes Towards a More Environmentally Friendly Future

At Judes, we are a growing start-up with a precise vision: we want to make life easier for parents while also contributing to sustainability. And thus, Judes cloth diapers were born.

But what is special about Judes? Clearly: the ease of use. Our goal was to develop a cloth diaper that is as easy to handle as a disposable diaper. No vast selection of different inserts and materials, no tedious folding, no leaking or hard-to-clean diapers. And we have succeeded more than just that – we often receive feedback that Judes are even easier to use than disposables.

Judes Inner Diaper and Cover Sample Pack Diapers

Photo by @plantifultaste

How are Judes Constructed and How to Use Them?

Our cloth diapers consist of an absorbent inner diaper made from 100% organic cotton. Flexible bands ensure the perfect fit, so our diapers don't leak. The fabric is soft and gentle on the skin, yet provides your child with the important wetness feedback, which is vital for the later process of potty training.

Over the inner diaper, you pull a waterproof outer cover. This ensures that everything stays inside the diaper, protecting your child's clothing. The outer cover also adapts to your child's body shape, thus ensuring full freedom of movement. This combination remains reliable for up to 12 hours and can be worn both during the day and at night.

With two sizes you can cover the entire diapering period – and beyond, because Judes can be passed on to up to three diaper-wearing children.

When changing diapers, you put the inner diaper into the practical diaper bag. Here it is stored safely, hygienically, and most importantly, odor-free until you wash it. The outer cover can be aired out and reused as long as it has not come into contact with stool or larger amounts of urine.

The Benefits of a Diaper Sample Pack

Wondering why you should try our diaper sample pack? Well, there are a multitude of reasons to consider. Here are just a few of the many benefits that a sample pack offers:

  • First Look: Our sample set provides you with an initial insight into Diapering sustainably diapers. You can slowly familiarize yourself with the concept and get to know our diapers and how they are handled.
  • Risk-Free Start: With a sample pack, you can try switching to cloth diapers without any risk. You don't have to make a large investment right away, but can instead acquaint yourself with the different options and figure out which one you like best.
  • Test Easy Handling: You can practice dealing with cloth diapers before fully committing. This teaches you how they need to be applied, washed, and cared for, and just how easy the changeover is in practice.
  • Feel the Skin-Friendliness: Cloth diapers are typically much more skin-friendly than disposables and offer additional health benefits. With a sample pack, you and your baby can feel the soft, natural materials on the skin and experience their advantages firsthand.
  • Live Sustainably: With every cloth diaper you use instead of a disposable one, you contribute to reducing waste and conserving the environment. Our sample pack allows you to take the first step on this sustainable path.

Overall, our diaper sample pack offers you the perfect opportunity to try out cloth diapers non-committally and risk-free, and to experience the many benefits for yourself.

Judes Baby outdoors on blanket hat sweater

Photo by @cafema.illustration

The Sustainability of Cloth Diapers

One of the main arguments in favor of cloth diapers is their contribution to sustainability. But how does switching to cloth diapers truly impact the environment? Let's take a closer look.

On average, a baby requires about 5,000 diapers before they are potty trained. Imagine if all of these diapers were disposables. They would create mountains of waste and consume many resources in their production and disposal. Cloth diapers, on the other hand, can be repeatedly washed and reused. With just a handful of cloth diapers, you can replace hundreds, if not thousands of disposable diapers.

But what about the water and energy used to wash the cloth diapers? Studies have shown that even taking into account these factors, cloth diapers are still a more environmentally friendly choice. If you wash them in a full machine load at a not-too-high temperature and let them air dry, their ecological footprint is significantly smaller than that of disposables.

Moreover, cloth diapers are made from natural materials like cotton or bamboo, which are biodegradable and often more sustainably produced. And many cloth diapers are so durable that they can be used for multiple children.

With our diaper sample pack or our convenient Rental Set, you can take the first step towards a more sustainable diaper alternative. You're not only helping to reduce waste and save resources, but you're also doing something good for your baby's delicate skin. Try it out and experience the difference for yourself!


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