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What are the benefits of cloth diapers from Judes Family?

Baby wird mit Stoffwindel gewickelt

At Judes, we understand the needs of modern families who value sustainability, health, and simplicity. Our cloth diapers reflect these values and offer numerous benefits that go beyond mere functionality. Our goal is to develop the simplest cloth diaper in the world. Accordingly, everything at Judes is designed to make daily diaper changing easier for you. Here are the key benefits that distinguish our cloth diapers:

  • Easy to use: Our cloth diapers are designed to be easy to put on, change, and clean, which simplifies daily life for parents. Our goal: To develop the simplest cloth diaper in the world.
  • Sustainability: Our cloth diapers are an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable diapers. They reduce waste and promote a sustainable lifestyle.
  • Skin-friendly materials: We exclusively use skin-friendly materials that are gentle on your baby's sensitive skin. The breathability of our fabrics reduces the risk of diaper dermatitis, leading to a healthier diaper area.
  • Durability and quality: By using high-quality materials, we ensure a long lifespan for our products, making them a cost-effective solution.
  • Modern and practical design: Judes cloth diapers combine functionality with stylish design. They are not only practical in everyday life but also look good.
  • Ethical production: We value ethical production conditions and support local producers and suppliers whenever possible.
  • Diaper coaching: Judes Family also supports parents after the purchase with their diaper coaching. Parents can contact the Judes Family team at any time with any questions about diapering and becoming diaper-free.

Thus, Judes cloth diapers represent not only a conscious decision for the well-being of your child but also a contribution to protecting our environment and promoting sustainable economic practices.

What benefits does your child get from cloth diapers?

Mutter mit Baby das Stoffwindel trägt

Choosing cloth diapers for your child brings numerous positive aspects that support the well-being and development of your child. Here are the key benefits that Judes' cloth diapers offer for your child:

  • Skin-friendliness: Our diapers are made from soft, breathable materials that protect your child's sensitive skin and minimize the risk of diaper dermatitis.
  • Earlier diaper-free: Children who wear Judes' cloth diapers receive bio-feedback and thus learn faster to become diaper-free. They develop a better understanding of their bodily functions and can communicate their basic needs more clearly. Our study on this is clear: earlier diaper-free with cloth diapers.
  • Healthy skin: Unlike disposable diapers, Judes' cloth diapers do not contain harmful chemicals. With disposable diapers, baby's skin is often exposed to irritating substances such as fragrances, parabens, and super absorbents, necessitating constant use of wound and moisture creams. At Judes, the breathable organic cotton allows the skin to regulate itself naturally and healthily.
  • Natural temperature regulation: The natural materials of our cloth diapers help prevent overheating in the diaper area by allowing better air circulation.
  • Higher self-esteem: Children diapered with Judes' cloth diapers learn about their physical basic needs early on through bio-feedback. This can lead to increased self-confidence.
  • Less environmental impact in the future: Disposable diapers end up in residual waste and are incinerated, leaving toxic slag that is disposed of as hazardous waste in former mines. For the generation of our children and grandchildren, this not only creates significant environmental risks but also high administrative costs that they must bear in the form of taxes.
  • Easier entry into kindergarten: Diaper changing by still unfamiliar caregivers is often stressful for children. Since children with Judes' cloth diapers are usually diaper-free by the age of 2, they find it much easier to start kindergarten. And the educators appreciate your child's developmental level.

By choosing Judes' cloth diapers, you actively promote the health, comfort, and environmental awareness of your child.

What our parents say

Over 20,000 happy babies are already being diapered sustainably with Judes.


Vanessa and her partner initially started with other cloth diapers, but unfortunately, they didn't work well. She heard about Judes from a friend.

Patricia W.

Patricia was initially skeptical about whether it would indeed be easy to diaper sustainably with Judes. Now, she's happy she can save on constant shopping and that she no longer has disposable diaper waste at home!


Anna was surprised at how quick and easy diapering sustainably with Judes is. Her baby also likes the diapers and they are thrilled to be able to skip all the disposable diaper waste.

What benefits do you get from cloth diapers?

Kind liegt in Stoffwindeln auf seiner Mama

Choosing cloth diapers not only benefits your child but also you as a parent. Here are some of the key benefits you can experience from using cloth diapers:

  • Cost savings: In the long run, cloth diapers are a much cheaper option than disposable diapers, as they can be reused and resold used, and you don't have to keep buying new diapers. You can save up to €3,000 with just the first child.
  • Less effort: Children who are diapered sustainably with Judes cloth diapers become diaper-free nearly a year earlier on average. Additionally, the weekly effort of washing is much lower at 15 minutes compared to the time spent shopping and taking out trash with disposable diapers (result of our survey with over 5,000 parents).
  • No more skin problems: Thanks to breathable materials and lower chemical exposure, there are fewer issues with diaper rash, which is not only more comfortable for your child but also less stressful for you. All information about diaper dermatitis can be found in our article: "Diaper Dermatitis: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment."
  • Easy handling: Judes cloth diapers are designed to be easy to use. This minimizes the time spent diapering and caring.
  • Environmentally conscious action: By using cloth diapers, you contribute to environmental protection. Specifically, you prevent 1 ton of residual waste, part of which becomes hazardous waste after incineration. This not only feels good but also directly relieves the generation of your child.

  • Aesthetics and style: Cloth diapers come in many different designs and colors, which makes diapering a fashionable fun and allows you to express your personal style in baby care.
  • Better resale value: High-quality cloth diapers often retain part of their value and can be resold after their use period, which is not the case with disposable diapers. With Judes cloth diapers, you can expect a resale value of 50 - 90%.
  • Community and support: Choosing cloth diapers opens the door to a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who offer tips, tricks, and support.
  • Closer bonding with your child: Diapering with cloth diapers enhances the bond with your child. Through the bio-feedback of Judes cloth diapers, your child learns to communicate their needs to you early. You can thus respond immediately and change the diapers. This creates a deep understanding of each other at the most intimate level of needs.

By choosing cloth diapers, you invest in your child's health, save money, and do something good for the environment.

What benefits does the environment get from cloth diapers?

Stoffwindeln trocken draußen in der Umwelt

Choosing cloth diapers is not only a decision for the well-being of your child and your wallet, but also a strong statement for environmental protection. Here are the benefits that the environment enjoys from the use of cloth diapers:

  • Reduction of waste: While cloth diapers generate almost no waste, disposable diapers produce about 1 ton of residual waste per child. This residual waste is incinerated in Germany, leaving behind toxic slag. This hazardous waste is stored in former mines, significantly burdening future generations with environmental risks and administrative costs.
  • Less resource consumption: The production of disposable diapers requires a significant amount of raw materials, energy, and water. The use of cloth diapers results in a much lower consumption, even when considering the production and washing.
  • Reduction of plastic pollution: Since cloth diapers contain fewer plastic materials and are used multiple times, they contribute to reducing plastic pollution.
  • Lower CO₂ footprint: The life cycle analysis of cloth diapers shows that they have a lower carbon footprint compared to disposable diapers, especially when washed and dried under energy-efficient conditions.
  • Promotion of sustainable practices: The use of cloth diapers promotes awareness of sustainable living and responsible handling of our natural resources not only among parents but also in the broader society.
  • Support for a sustainable economy: Purchasing cloth diapers supports companies that rely on sustainable production methods and promote ethical working conditions.

By choosing cloth diapers, you actively contribute to protecting our environment and laying the foundation for a more sustainable future.


For these frequently asked questions, there are surprisingly simple answers at Judes Family:

How many cloth diapers do I need?

And how much plastic, CO2, water, and money can I save with cloth diapers? Answer a few questions for us and we'll tell you how many cloth diapers you need and what your impact is.

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