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Welcome to Judes Family – Now offering a 100-day trial period for diapering Welcome to Judes Family – Now offering a 100-day trial period for diapering
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Premium Set

From €19 per month with Klarna or three interest-free payments.

$955.00 $850.00
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Premium Part-Time Set. The advantages of this set:

  • Fits from birth until your child is diaper-free (up to 16kg)
  • Diapering 50% with Judes (e.g., plus disposable diapers)
  • Potty trained 5 months earlier (see our survey)
  • Prevent 500kg of plastic waste
  • Save €1500 on disposable diaper costs
  • €95.75 price advantage of the set vs. individual purchase price
  • Access to Judes Family Diaper-Coaching
  • Reusable for up to 3 children
  • Secondhand value about 70% of the original purchase price

Who is this set for?

For those who would like to combine Judes diapers 50/50 with other types of diapers.

Included in this set:

Everything you need to diaper halfway with Judes Family (from birth to approx. 16kg):

The perfect set size is dependent on several factors, such as whether you use a dryer or if you use other diapers in addition to those from Judes Family. If you're not sure which set is most suitable for you and your child, simply use our Set Finder.

Our Premium Set Part-Time will be paid off in 21 months for €36.50 per month. Alternatively, three interest-free payments are possible with Klarna. In comparison, the cost of disposable diapers is on average €60 per month for an average diapering duration of 35 months.

Included in the Judes Family Diapering Coaching:

Through our coaching, we show you:

  • How your child can become diaper-free much earlier than with disposable diapers (without any "praise and punishment") and how you can naturally prevent your child from needing diapers for longer than 4 years
  • How to ensure that your child's skin remains healthy (without any need for moisturizing creams and ointments)
  • How to optimally combine Judes with disposable diapers (e.g., with our Part-Time Sets)
  • How to make sure your Judes always remain leak-proof (even at night)
  • How you can spend only 15 minutes per week with Judes (2 minutes per day), which is less time than with disposable diapers
  • How diapering with Judes remains easy in all situations (on the go, in different age phases, etc.)
  • How your Judes stay slim-fitting, ensuring clothes still fit as before
  • How to store and wash your Judes hygienically
  • How you will end up saving a lot of money compared to disposable diapers
  • How to ensure that Judes feel comfy for your child

Why do we offer diaper coaching for free, even though it's worth on average 200€? From deep conviction.

We've had the experience as parents ourselves of being left alone after purchasing a large package of cloth diapers.

From this experience, it's important to us to support you even after your purchase, so that diapering with Judes becomes easy for you and your child can grow naturally and healthily.

Included in your Judes set is our coaching valued at approximately 200€ (our consultation fees). After your purchase, you'll gain access, allowing you to reach out anytime with questions about diapering with Judes, diaper freedom, and potty training. Many parents report feeling very well supported and are glad to be able to contact us at any time.

We offer you a radically different proposition from all diaper brands: With Judes, you, your partner, and your child receive a simple, sustainable, healthy, and comfortable diapering experience, completely tailored to your needs.

Set Size

Current delivery time: 4 weeks. Our large sets are currently sold out, and the next shipment is already nearly fully reserved. You can order now to secure the next delivery.

Build Your Set

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Set is Right for Me?

And how much plastic, CO2, water and money can I save with Judes? To find out, start the Set Finder: Answer a few questions and we'll tell you what your impact with Judes is.

What over 20,000 parents are saying

We are grateful for the abundant positive and constructive feedback from our parents, which we have learned a lot from.

Our Diapering Coaching

While disposable diaper manufacturers benefit more the longer your child needs their diapers, we support you in helping your child become potty trained.

Included in your Judes set is our coaching. After your purchase, you will gain access so that you can reach out at any time with questions about diapering with Judes, elimination communication, and potty training.

Many parents report feeling very well taken care of and are glad to be able to contact us at any time.

For us, it is essential that our interests and your interests as a mom or dad are aligned.

Learn More About Diaper Coaching

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