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Welcome to Judes Family – Now offering a 100-day trial period for diapering Welcome to Judes Family – Now offering a 100-day trial period for diapering
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How Judes Family Diaper Coaching is Revolutionizing the Diaper Industry

With Judes, you're not just buying diapers. Instead, you're investing in a guided diapering experience that brings joy to both your child and you.

Why the Coaching is so Valuable

Changing Diapers is Now a Joy

The most recommended cloth diaper since 2021 in German-speaking countries - 20,000 parents are diapering with Judes - Judes Babies have already prevented over 117,000kg of plastic waste The most recommended cloth diaper since 2021 in German-speaking countries - 20,000 parents are diapering with Judes - Judes Babies have already prevented over 117,000kg of plastic waste

What's Included in the Diapering Coaching

Through our coaching, we will show you:

  • How your child can become diaper-free much earlier than with disposable diapers (needs-based and without "rewards and punishment")
  • How to support your child's emotions during diaper changes, so that it is comfortable for them and you can stay relaxed
  • How your Judes always stay leak-proof (even at night)
  • How you can spend only 15 minutes per week on maintenance with Judes (just 2 minutes per day)
  • How changing with Judes remains easy in all situations (on the go, through different stages of age, etc.)
  • How your Judes remain slim-fitting, ensuring clothes still fit well
  • How to store your Judes in a way that is odor-neutral and wash them out 100% hygienically
  • How you end up saving a lot of money compared to disposable diapers
  • How to ensure that your child's skin remains healthy (without the need for moisturizing creams and diaper rash ointments)
  • How to make sure that Judes always feel comfy for your child
  • How with Judes you can practice "elimination communication" or "diaper-free"

We were disappointed with other cloth diapers ourselves.

When our son was born, we bought a large package of cloth diapers - but they didn't work out and we were left to figure it out on our own. We weren't allowed to return them either.

We want to ensure that parents get on well with Judes. That's why, after a purchase, we don't say "Goodbye" but rather "Welcome to the Family" - and grant you access to our Diapering Coaching.

We are available for you at any time to discuss all diapering-related topics with Judes and your child's associated needs.

The First Diapering Coaching by a Diaper Brand

Indeed, no other brand has previously offered diaper coaching. From the perspective of disposable diaper brands, this makes sense, as they benefit the more prolonged a child requires diapers.

With our diaper coaching, we want to support you even after your purchase in assisting your child with becoming potty trained.

Included in your Judes Family set is our coaching. After your purchase, you will gain access so that you can always get in touch with questions on topics such as diapering with Judes Family, diaper-free time, and potty training. Many parents report that they feel very well taken care of and are happy that they can always reach out to us.

Diaper-Free Sooner with Judes Family

Studies show that children in disposable diapers need to be changed for a longer period.

We then conducted our own study with more than 5,000 parents. The result: On average, children become diaper-free 8 months earlier with Judes than with disposable diapers.

We also discovered: Nearly one in four children are diapered for longer than 4 years, many even for more than 5 years (with disposable diapers).

This is the business model of disposable diaper manufacturers: The longer the children wet themselves, the more revenue they generate.

If you would like to learn more about this, click on the button:

Potty Train Earlier with Judes

Time-Saving Compared to Disposable Diapers

This may come as a surprise to many:

Washing your Judes takes 15 minutes per week (with a dryer it's 4 minutes).

For disposable diapers, you spend an average of 30 minutes per week, taking into account shopping and taking out the trash.

This is the result of a survey we conducted, in which thousands of parents who use disposable diapers participated.

Want to know more? Then click the button below.

Save Time with Judes

Savings of up to €3,000 per child

Disposable diaper manufacturers profit more from you the longer your child needs disposable diapers. Furthermore, the costs continually increase as your child grows. Children diapered with disposables often require diapers for more than 4 years, incurring an annual expense of about €1,000.

Judes are an investment in your child's health and future.

With Judes, not only are your expenses significantly lower, but they are also capped. You pay once – and you have your Judes not just for one child but can also use them for additional children or sell them second-hand.

In comparison to disposable diapers, Judes effectively finance a monthly dinner out for you.

Would you like to know how exactly we have calculated these costs? Then click on the button below:

Which Costs Are Incurred with Judes

Simpler than other cloth diaper brands

We ourselves were frustrated with complicated systems. That's why we founded Judes.

With Judes, there's no need for complex stuffing, folding, and washing out. The entire concept of Judes revolves around one goal: Simplicity in everyday life!

Do you want to know what sets Judes apart from other cloth diapers? Then click the button below:

Compare Judes to Other Cloth Diapers

Frequently Asked Questions about Judes

Our poo paper catches the stool. It separates the stool from the diaper and is then disposed of - like with disposable diapers.

Our Poo Paper is thin paper made from cellulose. It is completely compostable.

Tip: As long as you baby isn't eating solid food yet, you can diaper without our Poo Paper.

We have designed Judes in a way that makes washing and drying as easy as possible.

You collect the used Judes in our diaper bag. When you want to wash them, you put the diaper bag in the washing machine along with the diapers.

This means that you don't need to touch the used Judes again. The Judes diapers automatically come out of the diaper bag during the wash cycle.

Washing takes 15 minutes per week (including hanging up and taking down).

This is similar to the amount of time required to buy, put away and throw out disposable diapers.

We have conducted a survey with over 2,000 parents. Several of them changed using disposable diapers, other with Judes. The result: Judes were shown to be less time-consuming (circa 20 minutes per week) than disposable diapers (circa 30 minutes per week).

Also: Children become diaper-free on average 1 year earlier with Judes than with disposable diapers - this is also backed up by our survey. The research shows that the total diapering time with cloth diapers is shorter than with disposable diapers.

No, because Judes work similarly to disposable diapers. Our Poo Paper catches your baby's stools. When taking off the diaper, you can remove the stool very easily from the inner diaper. Like with disposable diapers, you simply throw the Poo Paper away with it's contents inside.

The inner diaper goes in the diaper bag. If the diaper bag is full, you put it in the washing machine with the diapers inside. This means that you don't have to hold the used diapers a second time. Judes diapers automatically come out of the diaper bag in the wash.

Everything gets cleaned out hygienically in the washing machine.

By the way: Storing diapers in our diaper bag is odor neutral. This amazing many people because disposable diapers are renowned for their stench. This is because disposable diapers are kept in an air-tight in diapers bags in diaper buckets. This leads to unbearable smells in your home. Our diaper bags, in which used diapers stay until the next wash, allows air to circulate so that the bathroom remains odor neutral.

Many of our parents even said that Judes hold up better than the disposable diapers that they used to use.

Why is that?

The superabsorbent polymers used in disposable diapers can store a lot of moisture, just not quickly. Therefore, with heavy wetters or milk stools, a portion of the liquid drips off an leaks away.

Organice cotton naturally absorbs extremely quickly, so that Judes also hold up well with heavy wetters and milk stools.

We use an innovative weave, which is extremely absorbent. Judes hold up so well, that they can be worn both during the day and the night. Additonally, both our inner diaper and covers have cuffs at the back and the legs, which act as a double barrier.

No, with Judes, clothes fit in normal sizes.

A slim fit was super important to use in the development of Judes. The material for our inner diaper is weaved specially for us: it is especially thin and still absorbent! Thus, we have managed to ensure that Judes do not make as bulky a diaper butt as many other cloth diapers. To be fair, though, it must be said that Judes still have more volume than a disposable diaper. For the vast majority of Babies who tested Judes, the normal pants size still fitted.

Judes are definitely noticeably thinner than other cloth diapers.

Our promise is that you will not need an instruction manual. With Judes, nothing needs to be folded or pressed, it's all self-explanatory. This is exactly what we founded Judes for.

Yes, it's very easy.

Judes are designed to be both leak-proof and space-saving. Thus, you can store the used Judes in our small diaper bag and then wash them at home with the rest of the diaper laundry. Daycares also like to use Judes.

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What sets Judes apart from other diapers?

You can read about it here. In 5 minutes, you'll know whether Judes are right for you or not.

The 14 Advantages of Judes Over Disposable Diapers

And why Judes can even save you time

Switch to Judes vs. Disposable Diapers

The 12 Advantages of Judes Over Cloth Diapers

And for whom Judes are not the right choice

Cloth Diapers vs. Judes Family

The 11 Most Common Myths About Cloth Diapers

And why they don't apply to Judes

Busting Myths

How It All Began and Why It Almost Failed

A rollercoaster ride

To our story

Judes is the Most Recommended Cloth Diaper

in Germany and Austria since 2021.

The most recommended cloth diaper since 2021 in German-speaking countries - 20,000 parents are diapering with Judes - Judes babies have already prevented over 117,000kg of plastic waste The most recommended cloth diaper since 2021 in German-speaking countries - 20,000 parents are diapering with Judes - Judes babies have already prevented over 117,000kg of plastic waste

Why Judes?

Simple in everyday life
Changing as easy as disposable diapers, thanks to sewn-in inserts and flexible Velcro.
Learn more →

Diaper-free earlier
Babies get potty trained almost 1 year earlier with Judes.
Learn more →

Slim on the baby's bottom
Clothes fit in regular size, thanks to our fabric innovation.
Learn more →

Healthy skin
Breathable, velvety soft organic cotton instead of plastic on the skin.
Learn more →

1 ton less plastic
The truth about disposable diapers is shocking. With Judes, there's hardly any waste.
Learn more →

Start unwrapping with Judes now

How does it work? Simple.

In three steps, you'll save a ton of plastic waste.

Changing - Inserting the Poo Paper


Change like disposable diapers.

Disposing - Applying the diaper


The Judes Poo Paper is disposed of.

Washing - Removing the diaper


Hygienically wash with the Judes Wetbag.

Start unwrapping with Judes now

Which Set is Right for Me?

And how much plastic, CO2, water, and money can I save with Judes? Start by using the Set Finder: Answer a few questions and we will tell you what your impact with Judes is.

Would you like to try out Judes with no commitment?

Then our Trial Set is perfect for you. With the Trial Set, you can test Judes for 100 days. And if you don't find it easy, you’ll get your money back - that's our promise to you.

Try Out Set from Judes Family

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