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The 11 Advantages of Judes Over Disposable Diapers

With these features, Diapering sustainably is so easy that it becomes enjoyable.

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Same handling as with disposable diapers

Granted: This is not an advantage - but it is also not a disadvantage compared to disposable diapers.

Judes cloth diapers are as easy to use as disposable ones. With their high-quality Velcro, they can be put on and taken off in seconds with just one hand movement (the same gestures as with disposable diapers). This becomes especially important as soon as your baby becomes more active!

How changing works

Dispose Hygienically Like Disposable Diapers - But Eco-Friendly

Advantage 1a:

We have developed our own Poo Paper that catches the poop and thus separates it from the inner diaper (it can then be disposed of along with the poop). Our Poo Paper is tailored to the sizes of our inner diapers (Size 1 and Size 2), ensuring that everything lands on the Poo Paper (often the Poo Paper is not compatible with the respective diaper).

It is made of 100% cellulose (paper) and is therefore absolutely sustainable.

View the details of our Poo Papers

1 Ton Less Plastic Waste

Advantage 1b:

The scale of environmental pollution from disposable diapers is almost unbelievable:

Disposable diapers cannot be recycled. They end up in household waste. However, they cannot be completely incinerated there. The remaining toxic mass is stored in former mines.

Would you like to understand more precisely how sustainable Judes Family's cloth diapers are in comparison to others (including washing)? Then click this button:

How sustainable are Judes Family cloth diapers really?

More sustainable overall than disposable diapers

Advantage 1c:

Compared to disposable diapers, the production of Judes reduces the amount of plastic as well as significantly less CO2, water, and energy.

Even when including the water, CO2, and energy consumption for washing, Judes outperform disposable diapers by a substantial margin.

Judes are hand-sewn by a manufacturer personally known to us. The manufacturer upholds high social standards, and we exclusively purchase sustainably produced materials (organic cotton, 100% recycled PUL).

View the entire ecological balance of Judes Family

Judes are especially leak-proof

Advantage 2:

The super-absorbent chemicals in disposable diapers can indeed store a lot of moisture, but not quickly enough. As a result, for babies who have heavy wetting episodes or who have explosive breastfed stools, the liquid often beads off.

Judes are made from organic cotton - and cotton absorbs liquid extremely fast.

We have developed an innovative weave that is both thin and highly absorbent. Judes can hold up for up to 12 hours and can also be used at night.

Would you like to know more? Then head to the button below:

Why Judes diapers are more leak-proof

Time-Saving Compared to Disposable Diapers

Advantage 3:

This may come as a surprise:

Washing Judes cloth diapers takes only 15 minutes per week (with a dryer it's 4 minutes).

For disposable diapers, you need an average of 30 minutes per week when you take into account the shopping and taking out the trash.

This is the result of a survey we conducted, in which thousands of parents who use disposable diapers participated.

Would you like to know more? Then click the button below.

Save Time with Judes

Almost 1 Year Diaper-Free Sooner

Advantage 4:

Children who wear Judes or combine them with disposable diapers tend to achieve potty training up to 1 year earlier than with disposable diapers alone.

There are already independent studies that indicate children in disposable diapers become diaper-free later than expected.

We conducted a survey with over 5,000 parents and the results confirmed that children using Judes indeed become potty trained significantly sooner than those using disposable diapers.

Potty train earlier with Judes Family

Cost savings of up to €3,000 per child

Advantage 5:

Disposable diaper manufacturers benefit the more you use their products, especially as your child grows and requires bigger diapers. These also become more expensive with the size increase. Children who use disposable diapers often need them for more than 4 years, leading to annual costs of about €1,000.

Judes diapers are an investment in your child's health and future.

With Judes, your costs are not only significantly lower, but they're also capped. You pay once, and you have your Judes not just for one child but can also use them for additional children or sell them second-hand.

In comparison to disposable diapers, Judes essentially finances a monthly dining out experience for you.

If you want to learn exactly how we’ve calculated the costs, click on the button below:

What costs come with Judes

Short and Long Term Health Benefits for Your Child

Advantage 6:

In the reviews from our parents, it is often mentioned: "The redness and sore spots on the skin have disappeared after we switched from disposable diapers to Judes."

This is because disposable diapers contain many additives (for example, for moisture regulation) that dry out the skin with their super absorbents.

We believe that the skin should be able to breathe and regulate itself - just as nature intended. With our organic cotton, your child's skin can naturally regulate itself.

And now, we haven't even started on the long-term health benefits. If you'd like to know more, you can find further information here:

Why Judes are so healthy

More Hygienic than Disposable Diapers

Advantage 7:

Disposable diapers are made of polyester and polyester is less breathable than our organic cotton. Disposable diapers are also stored in an airtight manner in diaper bags or diaper pails. This leads to unbearable odors in the home.

Our Poo Paper catches the feces and is disposed of.

Our diaper bag, in which the used diapers remain until laundry day, is not airtight. The circulation of air keeps the smells naturally neutral.

Why Judes are especially hygienic

More stylish than disposable diapers

Advantage 8:

Admittedly, we're a bit biased - but we believe that Judes cloth diapers are far more stylish than any disposable diaper in the world.

If you want to see more of Judes, check out our Instagram account:

Visit Judes Family on Instagram

Diapering at Eye Level with Your Child

Advantage 9:

Disposable diapers are a product for the parents, cloth diapers are a product for the children.

Of course, it's okay and we remain non-judgmental if the situation does not allow for trying out a different diapering system. That's why we also communicate the advantage of Judes Family, that they can be combined with disposable diapers.

Nevertheless, we believe that Diapering sustainably diapers is in the best interest of the child - in terms of health, natural development, and the future of the planet.

Our Diapering Coaching

Advantage 10:

While disposable diaper manufacturers benefit more the longer your child needs their diapers, we support you in helping your child become potty-trained.

Included in your Judes set is our coaching. After your purchase, you will gain access, allowing you to reach out to us at any time with questions about diapering with Judes, elimination communication, and potty training.

Many parents report feeling very well supported and are glad that they can contact us at any time.

For us, it's essential that our interests and your interests as a mom or dad are aligned.

100 Days Risk-Free Trial Diapering

Advantage 11:

You can try out Judes without any financial risk. With our money-back guarantee, you're on the safe side:

If you don't find diapering with the Judes trial set to be easy, you'll get your money back.

We are so confident that you'll love diapering with Judes that we're happy to offer you the opportunity to try it out.

Try the Judes Family Sampler Set

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The 11 Advantages of Judes Over Disposable Diapers

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Judes is the most recommended cloth diaper

in Germany and Austria since 2021.

Why Judes?

Simple in Everyday Life
Changing as easy as disposable diapers, thanks to sewn-in inserts and flexible Velcro.
Learn more →

Potty-Trained Sooner
Babies get potty-trained nearly 1 year earlier with Judes.
Learn more →

Slim Fit on Baby's Bottom
Clothes fit in standard size, thanks to our fabric innovation.
Learn more →

Healthy Skin
Breathable, velvety soft organic cotton instead of plastic on the skin.
Learn more →

1 Ton Less Plastic
The truth about disposable diapers is shocking. With Judes, hardly any waste is produced.
Learn more →

Start unwrapping with Judes now

How does it work? Simply.

In three steps you'll save 1 ton of plastic waste.

Changing - Inserting the Poo Paper


Change like disposable diapers.

Disposing - Putting on the diaper


The Judes Poo Paper is disposed of.

Washing - Taking off the diaper


Hygienically wash with the Judes Wetbag.

Start unwrapping with Judes now.

Which set is right for me?

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