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Welcome to Judes Family – Now offering a 100-day trial period for diapering Welcome to Judes Family – Now offering a 100-day trial period for diapering
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Trial Set

Starting at €4.90 per month with Klarna or three interest-free payments.

$43.00 $40.00
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Trial Pack Once in Size 1

  • Change once a day
  • Fits from birth up to 8kg
  • Already prevents up to 25kg of plastic waste

Who is this set for?

This set is perfect for those who want to try out Judes on a small scale first.

Included in this set:

Just the essentials you need to try out Judes for the first time (from birth to approx. 8kg):

The perfect set size depends on several things, such as whether you use a dryer or if you use other diapers alongside Judes. If you're not sure which set is the best fit for you and your child, simply use our Set Finder.


In 2-3 business days at your doorstep with DHL. The designs Sunny Dots & Kale are sold out in size 1. Orders containing sold-out products will be shipped from 03/15/2024.

Build Your Set

Frequently Asked Questions

What our over 20,000 parents say

We are grateful for the abundant positive and constructive feedback from our parents, from which we have already learned a great deal.

Which set is right for me?

And how much plastic, CO2, water, and money can I save with Judes Family? Start the Set Finder: Answer a few questions and we'll tell you what your impact with Judes Family is.

Our Diapering Coaching

While disposable diaper manufacturers benefit the more your child needs their diapers, we support you in helping your child become potty trained.

Included in your Judes set is our coaching. After your purchase, you will gain access so that you can contact us anytime with questions about diapering with Judes, going diaper-free and potty training.

Many parents report feeling very well cared for and are glad to be able to reach out to us at any time.

For us, it is essential that our interests and your interests as a mom or dad are aligned.

Find out more about Diaper Coaching

What Sets Judes Apart from Other Diapers?

Find out right here. In 5 minutes, you will know whether Judes are right for you or not.

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