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The 14 Benefits of Judes Compared to Other Cloth Diapers

With these features, Diapering sustainably is so easy that it becomes enjoyable.

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Same Routine as with Disposable Diapers

Advantage 1 vs. other cloth diapers

Normally, using cloth diapers involves folding or fiddling with snaps - we found that too complicated.

Judes diapers are as easy to use as disposable diapers. With the high-quality Velcro, they can be put on and taken off in seconds with one hand (same motions as with disposables). This becomes especially important once your baby starts to be more active!

If you want to know exactly how our coordinated system works, click the button below:

How Changing Works

Our uniquely developed Poo Paper is leak-proof

Advantage 2 vs. other cloth diapers

We have spent a long time developing our own Poo Paper. It catches the poop and thus separates it from the inner diaper. It is then simply thrown away along with the poop. Our Poo Paper is designed to fit the sizes of our inner diapers (Size 1 and Size 2), so that everything lands on the Poo Paper (which is often not the case with Poo Paper from other brands).

It is made from 100% cellulose (paper) and is therefore completely sustainable.

Do you want to know exactly what makes our Poo Paper unique? Then click on the button:

To our Poo Papers details

Judes always fit well

Advantage 3 vs. other cloth diapers

Our inserts are sewn in, so no additional folding is required, and the absorbent pads (e.g., when putting them on while standing) cannot shift out of place. This feature becomes increasingly useful as your child becomes more mobile.

Since no additional inserts, etc., are needed, there are also fewer individual parts to wash and dry. This results in a very low time commitment for washing (including hanging out the laundry) - independent cloth diaper expert Franzi mentions in our blog that it takes her 9 minutes.

If you want to learn about the technical details of our inner diapers, click the button:

View the details of our inner diapers

Simple Washing

Advantage 4 vs. other cloth diapers

Judes diapers are designed so that all components can easily be washed at 60°C (140°F). They can also all be dried in the dryer. With our Wetbag, the diapers can be hygienically placed into the washing machine without having to touch them again. You unzip the Wetbag once it's in the machine, and the diapers will come out during the wash cycle and get cleaned.

If you want to know exactly how our coordinated system works, click on the button below:

How Washing Works

Judes are more time-saving than other cloth diapers.

Advantage 5 vs. other cloth diapers

Since no additional inserts, etc. are required, fewer individual parts need to be washed and dried. This results in a very low time commitment for washing (including hanging laundry to dry) (independent cloth diaper expert Franzi mentions in her guest article that it takes about 9 minutes).

Would you like to learn more about the time involved in diapering with Judes? Then go to the button below:

Save Time with Judes

Judes are particularly leak-proof

Advantage 6 vs. other cloth diapers

Judes have an incredibly good leak-proof quality (partly thanks to our innovative weave).

Many say they are more leak-proof than disposable diapers and other cloth diapers.

Why is this the case? We use an innovative weave that is exceptionally absorbent. Judes are so reliable in preventing leaks that they can be worn during the day as well as at night (for up to 12 hours).

Want to know more? Then click the button:

Why Judes Leak-Proof So Well

Slimmer Diaper Butt

Advantage 7 versus other cloth diapers

Thanks to innovative weaving, Judes are not only extremely absorbent but also very thin, making Judes sleek and snug-fitting.

Why is this so important? Not only will your baby still fit into regular clothing sizes, but everyday activities such as breastfeeding, sleeping, crawling, and playing are more comfortable for both mother and child.

Do you want to know exactly why Judes are so sleek? Then click the button:

Why Judes are so slim on the bottom

A comfortably fitting design for your child

Advantage 8 vs. other cloth diapers

Judes diapers fit exceptionally well, thanks to an extra soft inner layer and elastic waistbands. This allows your baby to crawl like a champion!

We owe these characteristics mainly to our inner diaper, which we have developed over a long period of time. If you want to learn more about the technical details of our inner diaper, click on the button:

To our inner diaper details

Natural Materials on the Skin

Advantage 9 vs. other cloth diapers

Judes are made from organic cotton, which creates a skin-friendly climate for your baby's bum. It is breathable and antibacterial.

Many parents report that their children's skin condition has significantly improved after switching to Judes. This is often mentioned in the reviews from our parents.

Why Judes are so healthy

A holistic, self-contained system

Advantage 10 vs. other cloth diapers

Influencer Nathalie Pulcini recently referred to Judes as the iOS of cloth diapers.

Judes is a closed system, where all parts are designed to work together seamlessly. That's why it works so well and why it's so easy to use.

Are you interested in the technical details of our individual products - and how they are tailored to work together? Then click the button:

The Benefits of Our "Closed System"

Stylishly Simple

Advantage 11 vs. other cloth diapers

We're naturally a bit biased - but: We believe that Judes are significantly more stylish than any other diaper in the world.

If you want to see more impressions of Judes, visit our Instagram account:

Visit Judes Family on Instagram

Our Diapering Coaching

Advantage 12 vs. other cloth diapers

As parents, we've personally experienced being left alone after purchasing a large package of cloth diapers.

From this experience, it's important to us to support you even after your purchase in accompanying your child through potty training.

Included in your Judes set is our coaching. After your purchase, you get access, allowing you to reach out at any time with questions about diapering with Judes, diaper-free time, and potty training. Many parents report feeling very well taken care of and are glad they can always contact us.

We think it's important that our interests and your interests as a mom or dad are aligned.

Learn More About Diapering Coaching

100 Days Risk-Free Trial Diapering

Advantage 13 vs. other cloth diapers

You can try Judes without any financial risk. With our money-back guarantee, you're on the safe side:

If you don't find diapering with the Judes Trial Set easy, you'll get your money back.

We are so confident that you will love diapering with Judes that we are happy to offer you a trial.

Try Judes Family's Starter Set

With our Rent-to-Own program, you have no financial risk.

Advantage 14 vs. other cloth diapers

You can now rent to buy Judes diapers. This means you can initially rent Judes, so you don't have high upfront costs.

If you like diapering with Judes, you can simply buy out your Judes from the rental.

3 Good Articles that Shed Light on Disposable Diapers

The Guardian

"Disposable diapers are one of the world’s biggest factors for environmental pollution."

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Huffington Post

"Disposable diapers are a nightmare for the planet."

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"Various harmful substances have been detected in disposable diapers from Europe."

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Judes is the most recommended cloth diaper

in Germany and Austria since 2021.

Why Judes Family?

Simple in Daily Life
Changing is as easy as with disposable diapers, thanks to sewn-in inserts and flexible Velcro.
Learn more →

Earlier Diaper Independence
Babies get dry nearly 1 year earlier with Judes.
Learn more →

Sleek on the Baby’s Bottom
Clothes fit in their regular size, thanks to our fabric innovation.
Learn more →

Healthy Skin
Breathable, velvety soft organic cotton instead of plastic on the skin.
Learn more →

1 Ton Less Plastic
The truth about disposable diapers is shocking. With Judes, hardly any waste is produced.
Learn more

Start unwrapping with Judes now

How does it work? Simple.

In three steps, you save 1 ton of plastic waste.

Changing - Inserting the Poo Paper


Change like disposable diapers.

Disposing - Applying the diaper


The Judes Poo Paper is disposed of.

Washing - Removing the diaper


Hygienically wash with the Judes Wetbag.

Start unwrapping with Judes now

Which set is right for me?

And how much plastic, CO2, water, and money can I save with Judes? To find out, start the Set Finder: Answer a few questions and we'll tell you what your impact with Judes is.

What sets Judes apart from other diapers?

Find out here. In 5 minutes, you'll know whether Judes are right for you or not.

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